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Roof cleaning Fife

All across Fife, Edinburgh and East Lothian there are many thousands of roofs on nice looking properties that could do with a good clean and a protective coating of sealer. Many of the roof tiles would have lost colour over time and would be covered in dirt, moss and algae.

Total Cleaning Concepts can pressure clean and seal all types of roof tiles. We follow a simple 4 stage process to transform the look and appearance of any roof

Stage 1: Roof cleaning

The roof must first be cleaned using our high pressure jet washing equipment. This ensures any surface growth plus  dirt and pollutants are cleaned off. We will take particular care not to block existing gutters and downpipes during cleaning.

Stage 2: Fungicidal wash

An application of fungicidal wash is then sprayed onto the roof to kill off any moss and lichen spores that may be present. This will help to keep future maintenance of the roof tiles to a minimum.

Stage 3: Roof repairs (if required)

Prior to any pressure cleaning taking place, we will survey the roof to see see if any repairs are required.  Once the pressure cleaning has been done we can then repair any damaged areas. Defective mortar between tiles can be removed and re-pointed. Any loose ridge tiles and crests can be re-bedded plus damaged roof tiles replaced.

Stage 4: Roof tile sealing

After the roof has dried out, we can then spray roof sealer onto the tiles to provide maximum protection from future deterioration. If necessary, we can also add colour tints to the paving sealer to restore the original colouring and leave the tiles looking like new.

If you would like a FREE no obligation estimate for roof cleaning and sealing in Fife, Edinburgh or East Lothian please call 0800 988 0348 or 07949 051358 or click here to make an online enquiry.